Volumes in this Series


Volume 1

Psalms teaches us to come to God with every problem and every success. It teaches us to always praise God. It teaches us to live above the circumstances of life, knowing that God is faithful. Psalms repeatedly tells us of Godís unfailing love for us.

1 John is a beautiful book about Godís love for us and the love we should show to each other. It challenges us to faithfully follow the Truth, living in the light that Godís Word offers. That is the secret to living in peace and harmony and closeness to one another.

  • Published by Xulon Press February 2008

Volume 2

Nehemiah teaches about teamwork and the importance of each individualís effort. When we take on an important task, we can expect problems. But we need to remember that God is great and mighty and he will help us!

Philippians teaches that we should be unselfish as Jesus is. We should really care about others. Knowing Jesus is what matters in life. He will help us have a happy heart no matter what happens.

Colossians teaches about who Jesus is. Obeying Jesus, not following rules, is the way to be right with God. Our sins made us be far away from God, but Jesus died for our sins, and now we can choose to be part of Godís family.

James teaches that trusting in God means obeying God and being kind to others. We need to be careful about the things we say, as our words can cause great hurt. We should not just listen to Godís Wordówe must obey it!

  • Published by Xulon Press June 2008


   Volume 3


Proverbs offers a wealth of advice for being happy and successful. Stay close to God, and keep good ideas in your heart. Then you will be thinking right. Then you will make good choices. Be careful about the words you say. Treat others with kindness. Have a happy heart.


Romans teaches that everyone is far away from God. We can never be good enough to be right with God. Obeying the rules is not the way to be right with God. The only way to be right with God is to trust in Jesus. We need to ask him to forgive our sins. Then we will be part of God's family. Sin will not be the ruler of our life anymore. God will be the ruler of our new life. He will help us do what is right.

  • Published by Xulon Press July 2009